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Service Outlines

Our Weekly Service Outlines can be found here. We also plan on having them up on our YouTube Channel soon.

Weekly Service Outlines:


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Welcome to Chameleon Church: Biblical Antidotes for the Modern Man with your host, author, speaker, recording artist, and all around nice guy, Allan R. Aguirre.

You can listen here: and here:

The Feasts Unlocked: Book

Every year the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob invites you on a journey; a seven-month journey of deliverance, repentance, and redemption. Starting each Spring with our deliverance from Egypt - to our repentance of "At-One-ment" - through the redemption of His rest and the Wedding Feast of the Lamb. This is the amazing Journey from Exodus to Ingathering! Will you join Him?....

You can Pre-Order the book here: